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    26-30  AJBEI     31-35 NCGHK
    26. A) abruptly
    27. J) fractures
    28. B) additives
    29. E) besieged
    30. I) cracked
    31. N) strived
    32. C) approach
    33. G) comparable
    34. H) components
    35. K) hollow


    The future of personal satellite technology is here開頭
    36-40 ICBEK  41-45 FLGDJ


    Passage One——When I re-entered the full-time workforce開頭
    46-50  D B B C D
    46. D) Building close relationships with his colleagues was not as important as he had expected.
    47. B) Harmonious relationships are what many companies aim to cultivate.
    48. B) They are virtually irrelevant.
    49. C) They are unwilling to make efforts to maintain workplace relationships.
    50. D) They improve work efficiency.
    Passage Two——In a few decades開頭
    51-55 BCDAB
    51. B) Many abilities will cease to be unique to human beings.
    52. C)Google has made huge progress in autonomous driving in a short time.
    53. D) It is yet to be emulated by AI.
    54. A) Cultivate original thinking.
    55. B) By adopting a long-term perspective.


    Chinese is now the language with the largest number of native speakers in the world. One important difference between Chinese and western language is that it is composed of block characters rather than letters. Chinese is the oldest writing system still in use. In China, people from different regions may not understand each other's dialects, but because Chinese characters are written in a uniform form, they have little difficulty in communicating. The Chinese language has played an important role in uniting the Chinese nation in history. Nowadays, with the rapid growth and increasing global influence of Chinese economy, more and more individuals from foreign countries start to learn Chinese .


    The Importance of Motivation and Methods in Learning

    As we all know, intelligence and diligence are important for learners, but motivation and methods are the key factors to determine one's success or failure in learning. So the importance of motivation and methods in learning should be clearly understood by everyone.  
    For one thing, motivation provides learners with driving force and direction. Learning is a long-term task full of problems and difficulties, and motivation can help us stick to it. When we have a strong motivation in learning, we can focus all our energy on it. For another, the importance of learning methods is self-evident. Good methods can make us learn twice the result with half the effort, and bad methods will make us twice the result with half the effort. So in the learning process we must find  learning methods that are really suitable for us .
    Judging from the evidence offered above, we may safely draw the conclusion that motivation and methods are crucial to learners. Therefore, each of us should have a strong motivation and find good learning methods in our study.


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