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    CRI聽力:Chinese people enjoy cultural activities during National Day holiday

    Source: CRI    2019-10-04  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

    Cultural events celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China have been throughout the country in celebration of the National Day holiday.

    An exhibition themed as the "Chinese Great Journey in the Past 70 Years" in Beijing is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. It is arranged according to the 70-year time series since the founding of the New China.

    Ning Jizhe is the head of the National Bureau of Statistics. He briefed the audience on the exhibition.

    "The exhibition showcases more than 1,700 historical photographs, over 180 videos, and more than 650 kinds of objects, including the first Chinese-brand car and tractor, etc. The exhibition includes around 100 models, over 20 interactive projects, and more than 40 scenes. For example, it set up a wedding room from the 1950s, when China released its first Marriage Law."

    Representatives from more than 130 countries and international organizations visited the exhibition on the eve of National Day. Japan's ambassador to China Yutaka Yokoi observed the change of shopping habits in China.

    "Now the shopping habits of Chinese people have changed a lot, which is an epitome of China's rapid development. China has other world-famous achievements as well. Over the years, the spirit of the Chinese people's hard work and innovation has no change. I sincerely respect it."

    Another exhibition in the China National Film Museum showcases more than 500 film collections. Chen Ling is the curator of the museum. She says the exhibition has demonstrated the glorious history of the development of Chinese films in the past 7 decades.

    "Our theme exhibition brings hundreds of Chinese films together according to the time series. We hope to use this art form to show the history of the struggle and hard work of Chinese people in the past 70 years. It shows the great leap of the people from 'standing up, getting rich, and getting stronger.'"

    In the exhibition hall, the audience can learn about the whole procedure of making a film, from photography and printing, to editing and screening. They can also enjoy interactive projects in 3D animation and Computer Graphics modeling.

    Exhibitions in other areas in China are also attracting holiday tourists. In Guangzhou, the literary works exhibition lasting one month covers the traditional Cantonese Operas, dramas, acrobatics, puppets, and Cantonese music. In Nanjing, the Changjiang Road Drama Festival lasting two months includes activities like drama performances in universities, drama teaching, and drama salons. Experts say the cultural tourism has already become a new driving force for the National Day consumption.

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