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    CNN News:美眾議院對總統發起彈劾調查 特朗普稱是政治迫害

    Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-10-08   English BBS   Favorite  

    There are a lot of fast moving political headlines from the United States right now. On Wednesday the White House is expected to release the transcript of a phone call — a conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine. The circumstances surrounding that call and something allegedly discussed on it were the reasons why on Tuesday Democrats from the U.S. House of Representatives announced they were moving forward on an impeachment inquiry — an investigation into whether U.S. President Donald Trump committed a crime. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says he did, calling the president's actions a quote "betrayal of his oath of office".

    The president called the announcement quote "more breaking news witch hunt garbage". There's a lot of info to explain here, from the forthcoming transcript of the president's phone call with Ukraine's leader to accusations from Democratic leaders about what the president's actions were after the call. More details were coming in as we put this show together and we'll have a down- the-middle report on all of it tomorrow on cnn 10.
    While all of that was going on, the White House says the president was working hard on behalf of the U.S. in New York City. That's where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. It's a gathering of representatives from all 193 countries that are members of the U.N.

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