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    • 小學英語作文

    • A Good Book 一本好書

      2019-10-08 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      It is known to all that we should read more books, it can broaden our vision and help us to be a better person. Once I read a book. It touches my heart. The book tells the readers

    • My New Dress 我的新裙子

      2019-10-08 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Today, when I go home after school, my mother tells me that she buys me something. The moment she takes out the present, I feel so happy. It is a piece of beautiful dress. My mothe

    • The Fair I Like 我喜愛的展覽會

      2019-09-30 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      There is a fair in my hometown every year. It is to show their farm work for the local people. Every year, the fair catches many people to visit this place. I love the fair so much

    • When I am Old 當我老了

      2019-09-25 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      My parents always say that they want to be old soon, so that they can retired and travel around the world. Many people have made plans for their future, so they look forward to the

    • How Much Do You Love Yourself 你有多愛自己

      2019-09-23 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      It is the nature for children to seek for love from their parents. The happy family helps children to better grow up. While most children ignore the love from themselves. How much

    • A Fashionable Woman 一個時尚的女人

      2019-09-16 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      There is a special woman who lives next to my house. She has two children and she looks much younger than her real age. My mother feels envious about her, and always speaks highly

    • When I am Not Happy 當我不開心

      2019-09-12 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Everybody will have the unhappy moment. It is important for them to deal with the negative emotion. When I am unhappy, I will listen to the songs that I like, and then dance in the

    • My Favorite Band 我最喜歡的樂隊

      2019-09-09 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      I like to listen to music very much, especially the English songs. My favorite band is Coldplay. When I hear their classic song Yellow, I will be very excited. The reason I like th

    • Beauty and The Beast 美女與野獸

      2019-09-06 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Disney movies always catch my attention. Recently, the animation movie Beauty and The Beast will be brought to the screen again, but this time, the real actors play the classic mov

    • Treating Animal 對待動物

      2019-09-02 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Nowadays, people like to keep pets to company them. These lovely pets are always treated well. They are one of the family members. But sometimes the owner don&rsquo;t want to raise

    • Score and Ability 成績和能力

      2019-08-28 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Every student needs to face all kinds of exams. When score comes out, they just like sitting in the court, waiting for the judge to announce the result. Actually, my mother never c

    • The Good Manner 好禮儀

      2019-08-22 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      People always say that the way a person treats the waiter decides what kind of person he is. I agree with it. My parents are polite persons. Since I was very small, they have educa

    • Chinglish 中式英語

      2019-08-19 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      It is known to all that English is the international language that kids need to learn it since they were very small. As many Chinese kids don&rsquo;t have the chance to talk to for

    • I am Curious 好奇心

      2019-08-15 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      When I go to school, I find my classmates are talking about something, so I ask my friend when they are talking. He tells me that there is a rumor about our headmaster. Everybody i

    • The Book I Read 讀到的書

      2019-08-12 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Recently, I read a book about a girl sees her future after she learns the alien&rsquo;s language. Her future life has happiness and sorrow. Since she could foresee, she learns to a

    • The Young Heart 年輕的心

      2019-08-08 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      As a small kid, I want to grow up soon, so that I can be independent. But the adults always tell me that it is a lucky thing to be a child, because I can be young and innocent. Tho

    • I Love Hot Pot 我愛火鍋

      2019-08-05 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      When winter comes, hot pot is the necessary food for our family. It is very delicious, we can pick the food we like. Our family sit together, having different tastes, which is such

    • My Dream 我的夢想

      2019-07-31 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      As a small girl, many teachers have asked me what do I want to be in the future, and my answer is always to be a teacher. It is my dream and I study so hard to realize it. Being a

    • The Lovely Boy 可愛的男孩子

      2019-07-29 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      A little boy took part in the TV show when he was two years old. As a celebrity, people watched all his movements. Sometimes when this boy was crying, the audience said he was spoi

    • The Best Situation 最好的狀態

      2019-07-24 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      I live with my parents in the hometown, which is such a beautiful place for me. Every day, I go to school with my friends. We talk so happily on the road. After school, we go to th

    • The Rainbow Over Rain 雨后彩虹

      2019-07-19 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      When the sky is raining with the sun coming out, I will be very excited because I know the rainbow will show up soon. I am always attracted by its beautiful colors. It hangs in the

    • The Share Education 分享教育

      2019-07-15 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      I have a brother. He is younger than me. When our parents have bought us presents, I will be the first to take presents, or if there is something to eat, I will make the choice bef

    • The Corner in School 學校一角

      2019-07-11 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Our school is very beautiful. When I walk into the main gate, I can see a lot of green trees and colorful flowers. I find a special corner, which attracts me a lot. The corner is c

    • Lei Feng Is My Hero 雷鋒是我的榜樣

      2019-07-08 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Since I went to school, my teachers always take Lei Feng as the example. They want us to be a nice person as this great person. Lei Feng likes to help people, and he will do everyt

    • Lesson From Parents 父母的教誨

      2019-07-04 所屬欄目:小學英語作文

      Every parent will worry about their children, so they teach the children many things, just in case they will meet the bad guy. My mother always tells me not to talk to the stranger

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